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The How’s on how to style your Lovers Hair

I don’t know about you, but I get very excited when I see my lady looking all styled and sexy.

If your play partner comes with a synthetic hairpiece, I have great news for you. It will be super easy to maintain because they all come pre-styled.  So, after each time you wash her hair, the style will bounce back to life with little effort on your part, which is fantastic because you don’t have to be a styling pro to keep your lady looking good.

Here are a few tips to keep her hair looking polished and groomed: You don’t necessarily have to style her wig, but the option is there. Use these tools to keep the hair looking new for a long time.

  • a wide-tooth comb
  • wig shampoo for synthetic fibre
  • leave-in conditioner for synthetic fibre
  • a towel
  • a plastic wig stand for drying (or back on her head)
  • a Styrofoam or canvas wig head for styling (or back on her head
  • water in a spray bottle
  • t-pins
  • shaping cream (optional)
  • a blow dryer (optional)
Step one:  Wash and Dry her hair
A plastic wig stand will come in handy for letting the hair dry overnight.  If you don’t have a wig stand, you can always get crafty and use something around the house; something tall and thin such as a roll of towel paper or a 2L bottle, would work.  If you gals wig has a monofilament part or a top feature, part her hair at the roots with a wide-tooth comb while wet.  Doing this will ensure that any scrunched or cowlicked areas disappear.  Do not thoroughly comb her wig when it is still wet as it will stretch the fibres, which will cause them to tangle as they dry.
Step two: Styling her hair
Once your love lady’s hair dry, you can pin it to a Styrofoam or canvas head.  I like the Styrofoam head because I can pin it in place, and it won’t get away from me.
My love has both short and long hair wigs; we like to switch things up.  Sometimes I want her short her to look edgy and messy (like we just made passionate love.) Here’s how I manage this look.  I take my fingers to where the roots would be if this were a real head of hair. Then with my fingers, I gently redirect them backward to achieve extra height and volume.  To make this easier on yourself, spray a little water at her roots beforehand. If you want this look to make it through whatever it is you have for in store for her, try using a little shaping cream to hold that style in place. 
For my gal’s long hair, I like to keep it beautiful, sleek, and natural, as I want to be able to pull on her long hair and run my fingers through it. I usually take my blowdryer set on the lowest heat setting with the air concentrator and use my fingers to break up her with while blowing warm air at her hair. 
A little suggestion, as I learned the hard way. It is essential to know that even if the synthetic hair says it is heat safe, it can’t cope with high heat.  So be careful around any extreme heat source.
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