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How to: Travel With Your Sex Doll

Whether you’re working on the road, long days and nights. Or going on a long summer trip abroad, you most definitely will want to bring your Silicone Lover with you. Some may be fearful of damage or cleaning, but have no fear- bringing your doll along with you is well worth the preparation!  She has become a […]

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How to chose a Sex Doll

TPE OR SILICONE?   Our Sex dolls are made of two materials – TPE and SILICONE. Both of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. The top advantage of TPE sex dolls is the lower price. Sex dolls made of TPE material tend to be much cheaper compared to silicone dolls. Advantages of TPE Much […]

Best Quality Sex Dolls

SILICONE OR TPE? Sex dolls made of silicone are super popular for a wide range of reasons, it is body safe, it feels fantastic, and it’s simple to clean as it is non-porous. It is also durable, stretchy and very flexible. Just remember that silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can cause damage to a silicone doll, […]

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Buy a Sex Doll in Canada

TOP REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A SEX DOLL   Great companionship for you during lonely times Spice up your relationship Your doll is low maintenance compared to your wife, no talking back! Cuddle buddy in bed Tight holes for you to enter, does not stretch out like a regular body Quick, easy and discreet […]

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Your New Relationship with Your Sex Doll

Welcome Home UPS has just delivered your new companion, how exciting. First thing you do, open up the discreet shipping box, take her out and welcome her into her new home. Take the extra items out of the box and put them to the side for later. Clean up the box/garbage so you can get […]

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Skeletal Care

When you are making love to your lady, whether it’s soft and gentle or hard and rough. You still want to treat her with care to maintain her internal metal skeleton. The insides of your beautiful vixen is a complete metal skeleton with serval fixed joints as well as several moveable ones.  The movable joints […]

The How’s on how to style your Lovers Hair

I don’t know about you, but I get very excited when I see my lady looking all styled and sexy. If your play partner comes with a synthetic hairpiece, I have great news for you. It will be super easy to maintain because they all come pre-styled.  So, after each time you wash her hair, the […]

How to Care for your Doll’s Hair

Whether your play partner’s hair is real or synthetic, you should always care for it. By doing this, it’s a sure way of maintaining her glamorous look. You can always wash her hairpiece at the same time as you clean her body, keeping things simple, or wash whenever needed; you don’t want a build-up of […]

How To Clean Your Sex Doll

How To Clean Your Sex Doll in 2022 Whether your doll is Silicone or TPE, you need to take care of her and her needs, and by doing this, you need to clean her. Its Best to clean her every 30 days, but if you’re like me, it is ok to clean her more frequently. […]

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Athletic Sex Dolls

Athletic Sex Dolls You may be interested in purchasing a sex doll for the purpose of having a companion, Netflix & Chill maybe, a nice warm cuddle session on a rainy day, or perhaps someone to keep you company while your cooking dinner. However, I bet you that you didn’t know, some dolls have a […]