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Skeletal Care

When you are making love to your lady, whether it’s soft and gentle or hard and rough. You still want to treat her with care to maintain her internal metal skeleton.

The insides of your beautiful vixen is a complete metal skeleton with serval fixed joints as well as several moveable ones.  The movable joints allow your lady to be quite flexible and be able to perform a plethora of poses.  Whatever your pepper diet may be, she will be able to accommodate.

Your Beauty’s Skeleton and joints are assembled first, with her body then moulded around her skeletal frame. In doing this, it may cause some slight indentations around the joint areas.  So no need to fret; these joints allow her to have the movement required to satisfy your every need.

If you are anything like me, using different rooms and poses is very exciting,  I get bored quickly.  The first time I tried moving my lady, I was quite shocked and was not expecting how heavy she was. Keep in mind that she’s from made of metal and TPE or silicone, which can add to her weight.  Also, all the dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  When moving her, I found using a dolly to be of great help. By wheeling her around, you avoid dropping or dragging her.  Even knocking her around or against hard surfaces will damage her, and I know you wouldn’t want to do that to her.

Let’s talk fingers hands and wrists.   These are one of the more delicate extremities, so we need to take extra care while handling them.  Your lady’s fingers have thin internal wires, which gives you the ability to pose them; also, they can lightly grip objects but then can not bear any weight!  Our beautiful ladies also have advanced wrist which can support their weight, try not to put your body weight on them as well.  So when engaging in positions like doggy-style, it’s probably best to prop her torso up with pillows or a piece of furniture.

The best thing left to do now is go and experience her life like flexibility and take full advantage of it.

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