Kim | 160cm

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Package include:

1* LOVE Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes(Sexy Lingerie)
1* Cleaning Pot
1* Heating Device

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SEX Dolls Information

Height : 160cm / 5ft 2
Weight: 33kg
Shoulder 36cm
Arm 62cm
Leg 78cm
Foot 21cm
Vaginal Length 18cm
Anus Length 16cm
Oral Length 13cm

Why purchase a Sex Doll?

For a long time, Sex Dolls have been labelled as a taboo topic. People have felt ashamed or afraid to inquire about purchasing a Doll. Now a days, society is accepting Sex Dolls like any other way of having intercourse. A Doll can enhance your life in many ways- from companionship, spicing up your relationship,  to even using them for modelling your favourite clothing. The possibilities are endless, you wont regret ordering your new love from Hush Toys!

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High End Silicone Sex Dolls For Sale

In the world of sex dolls and artificial play partners there are a variety of options available.

The best and highest quality sex dolls / adult play partners are made from the highest quality silicone or medical grade TPE. The use of these new materials have allowed products like those offered by Hush Toy Sex Dolls to be completely safe, highly durable and they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Future like advancements have also begun to enter the sex doll / play partner market place. Special features such as self-heating vagina mechanisms, oral enhancing mechanical jaw movement, facial expressions and more have changed the game. All of this mixed with robotic sensing technologies create a stimulation based feedback user experience. We can now create a realistic experience.

The Brilliant Minds of the computer science deep learning world are continuing in the epic goal of creating advanced artificial intelligence. Naturally this is helping to create the perfect play partner / sex robot. An artificial play partner who can interact with you on an intelligent and personal level. It will be more than just a toy, tool, or doll it will become a partner. Deep learning means they will get to know you, can have a conversation and will be evolving as quickly as the world of computer science.

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