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How To Clean Your Sex Doll

How To Clean Your Sex Doll in 2022

Whether your doll is Silicone or TPE, you need to take care of her and her needs, and by doing this, you need to clean her. Its Best to clean her every 30 days, but if you’re like me, it is ok to clean her more frequently. I know that you’ve invested a good chunk of change in her, so the cleaner you keep her, the longer she will be able to keep up to your needs.
First thing first, you always want to use a mild non-abrasive anti-bacterial soap on your lady. Her skin is very delicate, and you wouldn’t want to cause any tears or start to have the material break down. I like to sit mine in the shower; a bath works as well be sure not to let her neck and head submerge under the water. With cleansing her face, please make sure to use a TPE safe foam cleanser with a damp, warm cloth. You would not want to wreck any of her beautiful features (you can choose your favourite featured doll over at Hush Toys). Once she is all cleaned, use a towel and gently pat dry. Please don’t rub-dry or use any heating tools Blow-dry heat register, etc.. Once she is dry, try sprinkling a light dusting of a talc-free powder of your choice to bring back that natural skin feeling on your beautiful clean silicone sex doll!
We mustn’t forget about her mouth, anus, and vagina, my favourite parts. Because we use these the most, it is essential to clean them after every use. You don’t want any bacteria to start growing, especially if your lady is made from TPE, as this material is quite porous. Fill an Enema bulb clean anal silicone douche with mild anti-bacterial soap and flush all areas until they are clean. Then fill douche with water and thoroughly rinse until all the soap residue is gone. Let air dry and then sprinkle her mouth, anus, and vagina with a talc-free powder.
Last but not least, it’s time to have fun with her all over again.
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