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How to Care for your Doll’s Hair

Whether your play partner’s hair is real or synthetic, you should always care for it. By doing this, it’s a sure way of maintaining her glamorous look. You can always wash her hairpiece at the same time as you clean her body, keeping things simple, or wash whenever needed; you don’t want a build-up of lubricants or bodily fluids.
Hush Toys would like to help you learn how to clean your beauty’s hair. Which will save you money and time, it’s super easy to do.
Follow these simple steps that we have laid out for you, and your girl’s hair will always look photo-ready.
Step one: Remove her hair from her head. If you have secured her hair to head with glue or double-sided tape, make sure to remove all residue before you start the washing process. Fill a medium-size mixing bowl with warm water, mix with a quarter size amount of shampoo.
Step two: Take her hair and run it under lukewarm water, making sure it is nice and wet after that immerse hair fully into the bowl and swirl. Never take shampoo directly to hair and rub!
Step three: Take her hair out of the bowl and run it under lukewarm water until water runs clear.
Step four: Take another medium-sized mixing bowl, fill with warm water and mix a quarter size amount of conditioner in the water. Place her hair in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes.
Step five: Take her hair out of the bowl and run it under lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
Step six: towel dry by patting hair, remember, do not rub as it will mat and tangle the hair. Once towel dry, place the hair back on her head and gently comb and let dry.
Once the hair is dry, feel free to give it a little style and have fun with her.
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