HushToys Quick FAQ

How long is the typical order processing time?

On typical orders (not custom orders) the typical processing time is between 2 to 5 days.

How long is the typical shipping time?

Your dolls shipping time is typically 5-9 business days, depending on where you are located. Dolls are usually shipped with via UPS. You will get the tracking number once the doll is shipped.

Is your dolls packaging discreet?

Yes, the your doll will be boxed in a discreet fashion and will be delivered discreetly.

Will I have to pay any duties or import fees?

Depending on your country, there may be additional import fee’s that UPS will notify you to pay. You can always contact us if there are any issues regarding importing fees and duties.

Can I pick up my doll instead of getting it delivered to my home?

Yes, We can arrange the pick up to be at a local UPS location in your city.

What materials are the dolls made of?

All dolls are made from top quality silicone. They are fully flexible and have a posable skeleton, making them be able to be in any position imaginable.

How many entries points will your doll have?

There are 3 entry points: Vaginal, Oral, and Anal.

What is included in the doll?

All dolls come with 1 piece of lingerie, 1 wig, a hair brush, a set of gloves, 1 blanket, a cleaning tool, a heating rod

Can I customize the doll?

You can choose to add pubic hair to any doll.
You can add a vaginal insert to keep the vaginal hole stretched.
You can change the skin tone(light,medium,dark).
You can choose the size of the breasts(flat, medium, voluminous).
Pleas email us right away when you place your order if you’d like to make any of these changes.

How do I clean the doll?

To clean your doll, use a hand held cleaning device, with anti bacterial soap and warm water in the areas used during intercorse. Leave your doll in a dry spot to air out the areas. Another tip, insert a tampon in the area to soak up any excess water.