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How to: Travel With Your Sex Doll

Whether you’re working on the road, long days and nights. Or going on a long summer trip abroad, you most definitely will want to bring your Silicone Lover with you. Some may be fearful of damage or cleaning, but have no fear- bringing your doll along with you is well worth the preparation!  She has become a […]

Best Quality Sex Dolls

SILICONE OR TPE? Sex dolls made of silicone are super popular for a wide range of reasons, it is body safe, it feels fantastic, and it’s simple to clean as it is non-porous. It is also durable, stretchy and very flexible. Just remember that silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can cause damage to a silicone doll, […]

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Your New Relationship with Your Sex Doll

Welcome Home UPS has just delivered your new companion, how exciting. First thing you do, open up the discreet shipping box, take her out and welcome her into her new home. Take the extra items out of the box and put them to the side for later. Clean up the box/garbage so you can get […]

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Athletic Sex Dolls

Athletic Sex Dolls You may be interested in purchasing a sex doll for the purpose of having a companion, Netflix & Chill maybe, a nice warm cuddle session on a rainy day, or perhaps someone to keep you company while your cooking dinner. However, I bet you that you didn’t know, some dolls have a […]

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What Is a Sex Doll? The Beginners Guide to Sex Dolls

Are you thinking about getting yourself a sex doll? If so, you could be wondering just what is a sex doll? Or maybe, how do sex dolls work? Can you see people having sex with sex dolls? What about how they’re made? Does it make a difference? Or maybe you’re just wondering who invented sex […]