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What is the perfect play partner?

You can call it a sex doll but we at Hush Toy Sex Dolls offer our clients more than a sex doll. Our lady’s are realistic in almost every way you want them to be. They are life-sized and made from materials that will give you the ideal experience with your new friend.

These ladies are shaped the right way and have orifices designed to feel almost Superior to the real thing. Natural manufacturing evolution and advancement in chemical engineering has created a new generation of Technologies that allow you to have the perfect play partner delivered right to your door. Saskatoon owes a huge thank you to Hush Toys Sex Dolls.


The Sex Doll Universe

In the world of sex dolls and artificial play partners there are a variety of options available.

The best and highest quality sex dolls / adult play partners are made from the highest quality silicone or medical grade TPE. The use of these new materials have allowed products like those offered by Hush Toy Sex Dolls to be completely safe, highly durable and they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Future like advancements have also begun to enter the sex doll / play partner market place. Special features such as self-heating vagina mechanisms, oral enhancing mechanical jaw movement, facial expressions and more have changed the game. All of this mixed with robotic sensing technologies create a stimulation based feedback user experience. We can now create a realistic experience.

The Brilliant Minds of the computer science deep learning world are continuing in the epic goal of creating advanced artificial intelligence. Naturally this is helping to create the perfect play partner / sex robot. An artificial play partner who can interact with you on an intelligent and personal level. It will be more than just a toy, tool, or doll it will become a partner. Deep learning means they will get to know you, can have a conversation and will be evolving as quickly as the world of computer science.


The popular materials include TPE and SILICONE both of which have their pros and their considerations. Thankfully Hush Toy Sex Dolls have all the best options available. If your play partner is a sex doll made out of TPE then typically it will be more affordable, it’s a little more flexible, more squeezable, softer pieces and you can achieve unique positions you could never expect from a non artificial lady. The thing to consider about this wild adventure type play partner is that the materials do not retain heat as is necessary for a functional hot vagina.

If you choose a silicone constructed sex doll as your play partner you open up a whole new world of options due to the nature of the materials. silicone can retain heat which makes it ideal for artificially warmed orifices to create a more pleasurable sensation. when a high-quality silicone is used alongside a softer material in the right way you can have a very durable and strong partner who is soft in all the right places. Hush Toy Sex Dolls carries a full inventory of this type.


what can a sex doll do?

What kind of activities can you and your play partner do?
The sex dolls available from hush toys sex dolls are designed to be your perfect play partner and offers sexual salinification to the user.

Your Sexual Partner and Daily Release

The technology that is available now has changed the way we percieve the sex dolls what were once known as sex toys. The products now available can recreate the human sexual experience to such a degree that perception has changed. They are becoming a source of consistent comfort and gives the owners a stress-free method for a guaranteed daily sexual release.
The addition of Automation and artificial intelligence has and will continue to enhance all levels of experience.

Explore A kink, Fetish or Complete the Fantasy

Daddy says now! if you are The monogamous type but have an uninterested partner, hush toys sex dolls offers the perfect solution for you. you can have a volume controlled partner who is 100% of obedient and capable of giving you a very qualifying experience. don’t forget that fuzzies are hard to come by, you want to make sure you are well practiced at home before you find one in the ‘real’ world to play with 🙂

A Companion or Friend

Science has come a long way in helping us understand the value of companionship and why we don’t like to be alone. you can make it complicated but the conclusion is simple even a pet helps to relieve the symptoms of loneliness. we do not need perfect partners to avoid the feeling of loneliness, thankfully though, Hush Toy Sex Dolls and the introduction of artificial intelligence create a companion that will relieve the symptoms of your loneliness. The side benefit in this circumstance is you also get to penetrate your new companion at will 🙂 Can you have a better friend?


What type of people buy sex dolls?

Sex Doll play partners are no longer taboo or deviant, they are for everyone!

There is no single type of person who buys or uses sex doll companions. anyone from the average person walking down the street, to those with hardcore fetishes can find Value in products offered by Hush Toy Sex Dolls. sexual experiences are an essential part of a human’s existence, yet the modern world does not allow easy access for everyone.
Sex dolls will never judge you, tell your secrets, or show any concern about your Technique, your fetish, or the weird fantasy you want to try. You will never need a safe word with this partner.

Therapeutic Uses

-Many couples have used a sex doll play partner to help avoid the cheating scenario in a relationship who’s sexual regularity has a deficiency.
-Couples have successfully used Hush Toy Sex Dolls to stay committed during periods of long-distance relationships.
-Couples wishing to experiment and expand their fantasy life to include orgy, swapping and three ways.
-Using hush toys sex dolls can help your fantasies come true and keep your relationship in good standing.


The history of sex dolls

Throughout the pages of recorded history we can find examples of humans finding artificial means to enhance their sexual experience. ancient humans use versions of everything we have today from doll type objects that could be used for ejaculation, all the way up to using lactic acid from crocodile feces by the Egyptians to create a form of birth control.

What we know as the modern sex doll, as you would find at hushtoyssexdolls.Com began its forward evolution in the 1990s. However, the concept and demand for them was born well before the 1990s.

in the mid-60s just as it was becoming legal to send sex toys through the mail system, we saw the rise of the blow up doll. the materials are horrible and the experience was very different from what we offer today. Chemical engineering and Manufacturing processes in tpe and silicone molding is the primary driver in the evolution away from gag dolls and blow up Barnyard animals.

In the mid-1990s a man named Matt McCollum produced a lifelike mannequin from new and modern materials. his intent was not to produce the great new toy we all enjoy, however upon revealing his new creation to the public it quickly became apparent he had produced something that could be anatomically correct and mass producible.

as technology evolves and AI becomes The New Normal the future looks bright for the good companies like hush toy sex dolls who can provide these kind of products to the people of Saskatoon


Our selection of sex dolls

today’s Marketplace for sex dolls and adult play partners has created a wide variety of choices for those who are looking. the hush toys sex dolls website has the biggest and best selection of these products available for you. All of our products are legitimate and you will not find any cheap knock-offs amongst our huge inventory. hush toys sex dolls understand the investment you are making and how much of a letdown it would be for a low-quality friend to show up at your doorstep. when you think in the future about your second or third play friend we intend on making you our return customers!

For the budget-savvy out there, when you go down to the bare numbers buying and owning a sex doll play partner would be more cost-efficient then the process of dating…


Even though we have the best prices, it does not mean low quality. we have been smart and because of our success we can offer our customers the best quality with the best prices.
We guarantee that every doll that leaves our distribution hub is:

– made with only high quality and medical grade materials
– have an inner metal skeleton that is ultra-flexible, enabling our sex dolls to hold position
– have been hand-sculpted by an artist to be as lifelike as possible.

we have a standing quality control procedure. it ensures that no products with imperfections will ever be sent to a customer.
As a special gift to our valued customers we pay any import or shipping duties that may occur for you. Once you receive your package it will be a very simple process to assemble and meet your new friend for the first time. we also throw in a cleaning kit and a blanket..

You know why you came here, we know why you came here and we want you to come back for seconds. that’s why we have the best products and the best customer service ready for you. we can answer all questions and relieve any concerns you may have.

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Buy sexdolls Canada - Order the best Sexdolls
Buy sexdolls Canada - Order the best Sexdolls
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