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Welcome to Hush Toys! We are a Vancouver, BC based company specializing in High Quality Silicone Sex Dolls. Hush Toys offers Free Shipping on all Sex Dolls. Payment options include Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, and E-Transfer. We are available to answer any questions you may have, replying to your email at a timely fashion. Our goal is to pair you with your dream doll, so your fantasy can come true.


Why purchase a Sex Doll?

For a long time, Sex Dolls have been labelled as a taboo topic. People have felt ashamed or afraid to inquire about purchasing a Doll. Now a days, society is accepting Sex Dolls like any other way of having intercourse. A Doll can enhance your life in many ways- from companionship, spicing up your relationship,  to even using them for modelling your favourite clothing. The possibilities are endless, you wont regret ordering your new love from Hush Toys!